Indonesia Sumatra Orang Utan
  • Classic Line
  • Linea Nera
  • Marrone
  • Organic / Fairtrade
  • Sera (caffeine free)
  • Lilla e Rose
  • Terroir
  • OCOA by Dieter Meier and Iwan Hauck
Small farmers on the Gayo Highlands in the north of Sumatra cultivate coffee plantations which comply with the stringent orangutan directives. They undertake to use no chemicals and to protect the rain forest with its animals and plants. In return, the families are paid a premium for each kilo of raw coffee. We pay a further premium to promote the Sumatra orangutan conservation programme which, in partnership with the Indonesian government, is dedicated to the protection of the Sumatran orangutan.
Degree of roast
- Bialetti brewer
- espresso machine
- fully automatic coffee machine
- French Press
full-bodied taste, sweet
panettone, cloves, dark chocolate