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Terroir Colombia Maytama

High quality single estate coffees from the Colombian mountains

The two new coffees from Colombia «Terroir Colombia Maytama Washed» and «Terroir Colombia Maytama Natural» are now available.


View of the Maytama Farm in the Colombian mountains

Traceability is a top priority for our Terroir coffees. This means that the route can be traced back step by step from roasting to the coffee cherry. The two new single estate coffees «Terroir [COL]» come from the Maytama farm in Risaralda, Santa Rosa de Cabal in Colombia. The family of Patricia Builes has been running Maytama farm for more than 45 years. With passionate dedication and innovative methods, the coffee plants are cultivated gently and sustainably. Quality takes precedence over quantity. In order to facilitate the working conditions of the coffee pickers in steep terrain, the area under cultivation is abandoned in favour of transport routes and the proceeds from the sale of green coffee are invested in more modern facilities for processing.

In the culture of the Quimbaya, the indigenous people of Colombia, the name Maytama stands for the lady of the land of the goddesses. The topic of equality on the farm is also a central theme. Beside the owner Patricia several women have leading functions. Even in the furthest corners of the farm you can experience the family atmosphere, which is characterized by the positive charisma and cordiality of the owner.

The new terroir specialities are offered with two different preparation methods: Washed and Natural. Depending on the method used after the coffee has been harvested, the later taste changes in the cup.


Owner Patricia Builes (2nd from left) with Christoph Lauper (3rd from left) from Blasercafé and Maytama employees Jhon Arango and Juan Carlos Ortega.

With every sip of the new «Terroir Colombia Maytama Washed» and «Terroir Colombia Maytama Natural» you not only perceive delicate flavours, but also the heart blood of the Maytama family. The two single estate coffees are now available at the Rösterei Kaffee und Bar at Güterstrasse 6 and at Bubenbergplatz 10 in Bern as well as in the web shop.


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