Pura Vida organic Fairtrade coffee beans

The cooperative La Florida in the Chanchamayo region of the Peruvian rainforest has been cultivating organic and Max Havelaar Fairtrade certified coffee since 1993. La Florida has already used its Fairtrade profits to invest in a range of projects, supporting coffee farmers in various matters such as training, health and eco-friendly cultivation.

Shelf life: 1 year
Consume the coffee as soon as possible after opening the package.
  • Degree of roast
  • Preparation
    espresso machine, fully automatic coffee machine, bialetti coffee maker, french press, filter coffee
  • Type
    café crème, filter coffee
  • Haptic
    Refreshing, round and rich, subtly astringent
  • Aromas
    Notes of tropical fruits, honey, wheat bread and cocoa
  • Taste
    Slightly acid notes and mildly bitter notes, slight sweetness, little saltiness
  • Sorts
    100 % Arabica

  • Peru


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