Terroir Colombia Maytama Washed, coffee beans

The Patricia Builes family has been running Maytama Farm for more than 45 years. With passionate dedication and innovative methods, the coffee plants are cultivated gently and sustainably. In the culture of the Quimbaya, the indigenous people of Colombia, the name Maytama stands for the mistress of the land of the goddesses. Thus the topic of equality is also very important on the farm. Beside the owner Patricia several women have leading functions. Even in the furthest corners of the farm you can experience the family atmosphere, which is characterized by the positive charisma and cordiality of the owner.

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Minimum shelf life: 6 months
Consume the coffee as soon as possible after opening the package.
  • Degree of roast
  • Preparation
    fully automatic coffee machine, french press, filter coffee
  • Type
    ristretto, café crème, filter coffee
  • Haptic
    silky mouthfeel
  • Aromas
    citrus pulp, berries, grapes, toffee
  • Taste
  • Sorts
    100 % Arabica

Country of origin



Risaralda, Santa Rosa de Cabal

Farm Maytama Farm
Average altitude 1650 m above sea level
Topography steep crater slopes
Soil composition volcanic soil, loamy
Temperature 20 °C
Precipitation 1500 mm per year
Specials Ecological conditions are taken into account in the cultivation process and careful water management is a priority. No herbicides or insecticides are used.

Botanical species Arabica
Botanical subspecies Supremo
Harvesting method selective manual harvest
Harvest season November until December
Export time January until March
Bean size 17 to 19
Preparation type fully washed, sun-dried
Bag size 30 kg


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