Blasercafé Philosophy


The Swiss roastery since 1922

We have been savoring and promoting coffee for almost a century. Since the year of its founding back in 1922, Blasercafé has always been under complete family ownership and the fourth generation has now taken up the reigns. This makes Blasercafé the only coffee roasting house in the Bern region to have preserved its independence over all these years. Bern is home for us. It represents both the focal point of our family’s life as well as being the location of Blasercafé. The green coffee we are importing from tropical and subtropical regions is roasted exclusively in Bern.


Our Coffee Brings People Together

To us, coffee is more than a healthy drink, more than versatility of taste and character: coffee is steeped in history, it’s inspiration, it’s a bridge between people, relationships and networks. Coffee is at the beginning of real friendships and real love stories and at the end of arguments and trying days. Coffee is what connects us, where we spend a moment together both in the present and somewhere else entirely. That’s why our family has been putting people and their experiences in the centre of what we do since 1922, with passion for roasting and joy in the best possible coffee experience. With strong roots in our Bern home, we are fair, avant-garde with our products and careful in dealing with our planet’s limited resources - from the soil to the cup.


‘With our passion for the best coffee and our authentic values, which flow straight into our products, we capture the zeitgeist and offer our customers a real coffee experience with traceable ingredients, training expertise and creative blends. Our home is the city of Bern. From here, we bring the Blasercafé experience to our customers.’

Our Mission

The direct link to the best coffees

We only use first-class green coffee for our blends, which is imported specially for us by our sister company, Blaser Trading. They specialize in the international green coffee trade and provide us with exclusive and sustainable access to exquisite specialty coffees directly from the plantations. Our personal and long-standing relationship with the coffee producers ensures not only that we get a consistently high quality of coffee, it also permits us to track the coffees we purchase.



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