Terroir Brazil Capoeirinha Estate, coffee beans

Around 60% of the land at Capoeirinha Farm is used to grow coffee. The other 40% has been declared a nature reserve by the owners, and is made up of rainforest and reserves. The farm workers benefit from good working conditions such as health insurance, free transport and accommodation.

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Shelf life: 6 months
Consume the coffee as soon as possible after opening the package.
  • Degree of roast
  • Preparation
    espresso machine, bialetti coffee maker
  • Type
    espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato
  • Haptic
    soft mouthfeel
  • Aromas
    roasted hazelnut, chocolate, toffee and vanilla
  • Taste
    soft mouthfeel and sweet
  • Sorts
    100 % Arabica

Country of origin



Alfenas, South Minas Gerais State, Sul de Minas

Farm Fazenda Capoeirinha
Average altitude 800 to 950 m.a.s.
Topography high plateau
Soil composition clay
Temperature 21 °C
Precipitation 1440 mm per year
Specials The Fazenda Capoeirinha won the first place of the Cup of Excellence in 2011 and the Annual Quality Contest of the Rainforest Alliance in 2009 and 2010.

Botanical species Arabica
Botanical subspecies Acaia
Harvesting method 94 % mechanical and 6 % selective manual harvest
Harvest season April until September
Export time October until July
Bean size 17 to 18
Preparation type natural
Bag size 60 kg


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