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Terroir Coffee

The soil is crucial

The term "terroir", which originally comes from viticulture, has now also established itself in the coffee industry. A significant part of the character of a coffee can be traced back to its origin. It is the terroir that gives coffee its complexity. The soil and the climatic conditions shape its aroma, its acids and thus the entire profile of a coffee.


The Terroir line from Blasercafé in Bern responds to this awareness that the cherries of a coffee plant cannot thrive in exactly the same way in another location. On the package, the GPS coordinates of the respective plantation indicate where the beans come from, and thus their origin is 100 percent traceable.

Most coffees from the Terroir line are only available in limited quantities.  The Terroir line is therefore constantly on the move, new speciality coffees are added and some are no longer available.

Terroir Impressions


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