Coffee Know-how

Elegant summer classic with a twist

Negroni with Cold Brew

What could be better than to end a warm summer evening sitting outside with a refreshing drink? For just this moment we have the right recipe:


5-6 Ice cube
2 cl  Gin
2 cl  Campari
2 cl Red Vermouth
4-5 cl Cold Brew / Filter Coffee
(for example our Terroir Papua New Guinea Sigri)
1 Schnitz  Orange


This is how it's served: Put the ice cubes in the shaker with the Gin, Campari and red Vermouth; shake briefly to chill. Then pour Cold-Brew or Nitro coffee over the ice and serve classically in a whiskey tumbler. Finally, garnish the cocktail with an orange slice/orange twist.


Gurten Negroni


Tip: if you have a siphon bottle, you can add nitrogen to the cold coffee with it and thus make a nitro coffee. This gives the drink that special freshness and also makes it shine visually.

Why is our Terroir Papua New Guinea particularly suitable for this drink? The interplay of the fruitiness of this coffee with the flavors of dark berries and cinnamon harmonizes very well with the Vermouth and Campari. Simply perfect for the summer.


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