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E.S.E. Pod System

Bernese coffee pods instead of aluminium capsules

What are E.S.E. Pods?

The E.S.E. Pods (Easy Serving Espresso) are coffee portions made of a light filter paper and ground coffee. E.S.E. pods have a standardized diameter of 44 mm and therefore fit all E.S.E. espresso machines. With our different coffee pods we will meet your taste. The blends are suitable for different ways of preparation, choose the right pod for your preferred cup size.


The coffee portions consist of a light filter paper and ground coffee. The standard diameter of a pod is 44 mm.


Why E.S.E. Pods instead of capsules?

  • Because I can compost the pods.
  • Because the packaging is 100% aluminium-free.
  • Because the coffee is roasted in Bern.
  • Because I consider Bernese family business.
  • Because I receive personal and competent advice.
  • Because the coffee simply tastes better.



Which machine suits me?

Our range includes E.S.E. Pod espresso machines that meet different needs. In order to meet the high demands of espresso culture, we have decided exclusively for Italian producers. Our roasting staff will be happy to advise you and will certainly find the right machine for you.


Service and warranty

In case of service or warranty we will provide you with a replacement device free of charge.  Our staff will help you in an uncomplicated way.



Our models


La Piccola

The stylish pod machine with glass water tank.  Thanks to its compact design, it fits in every corner.

Suitable for: Ristretto / Espresso
Filling quantity: 15-40 ml
Dimensions: 150 mm | 280 mm | 250 mm
Power: 230 V | 500 W
Special features: Very compact

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Spinel Pinocchio

The machine with programmable cup filling quantity. It is also ideal for the preparation of Caffè Lungo.

Suitable for: Ristretto / Espresso / Lungo
Filling quantity: 15-120 ml
Dimensions: 200 mm | 330 mm | 330 mm
Power: 230 V | 600 W
Special: Programmable filling quantity

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Flytek Zip

Precise technology and a cool design. This machine impresses with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Suitable for: Ristretto / Espresso / Lungo
Filling quantity: 15-120 ml
Dimensions: 150 mm | 293 mm | 280 mm
Power: 230 V | 800 W
Special features: Top price-performance ratio

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