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French Press

Renaissance of old preparation methods

As with fashion, certain trends return cyclically. It's the same with the French Press. Long pronounced dead, today it is fully in vogue again. Not without reason, because coffee develops such diverse flavours with hardly any other preparation method. The French Press is ideal for spoiling your hotel guests in the morning in their room.


In order to achieve an optimum result in the cup with French Press, we recommend the following procedure:

Step 1:
Filling the jug

    • Pull the press filter out of the jug.
      Fill the jug with approx. 60 g fresh, coarsely ground, medium to lightly roasted coffee.

    Step 2:
    Pour over coffee

      • Filter 1 litre of water.
      • Heat the water up to approx. 90 °C.
      • Pour over the coffee evenly.
      • Stir briefly with a spoon.

      Step 3:
      Set the press filter

        • Place the press filter on the coffee brew.
        • The press filter must not be pressed on in order to maintain the temperature and aroma.

        Step 4:
        Steep coffee

          • The coffee must now steep for 2.5 minutes.

          Step 5:
          Press down the press filter

            • Press the press filter down evenly.
            • As soon as resistance is present, do not press any more, otherwise too many bitter substances will be squeezed out.
            • In order to enjoy the coffee better, it is worth using preheated cups.


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