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SCA Coffee Skills Program

The global coffee education system

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is the world's leading organisation for promoting coffee quality. Its main tasks are knowledge transfer and training in accordance with international standards. The SCA Coffee Skills Programme (CSP) integrates the various areas of coffee knowledge and structures them in modules.

6 Modules

Thanks to the modular structure, the field of studies can be chosen according to individual needs. There are six modules with three qualification levels to choose from.

  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Barista Skills
  • Brewing
  • Green Coffee
  • Roasting
  • Sensory Skills

3 Levels

The introductory module Introduction to Coffee comprises one course day. The other modules start with an overview of a specific subject (Foundation) and progress through the advanced level (Intermediate) up to the expert level (Professional). The preparation courses for the individual module examinations last from one to three days and conclude with an internationally recognised examination.

1 Diploma

Points are collected during each module and on reaching a total of 100 points the concluding "Coffee Diploma" is awarded. All points collected within the framework of the CSP will be credited.

  • Introduction to Coffee: 10 Points
  • Foundation: 5 points
  • Intermediate: 10 Points
  • Professional: 25 points



The SCA has certified selected experts to administer exams within the framework of the Coffee Skills Programme. Our trainers conduct the courses with the learning objectives defined by the SCA. Our instructor and trainer have the authority to administer the examinations in various modules on behalf of the SCA. The diploma is issued directly by the SCA. The examinations can also be taken without attending a course. For this procedure we recommend in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of the corresponding module.

Exciting courses from the SCA Coffee Skills Program can be found among our coffee courses:


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