Moccamaster Filter Coffee Machine

The Moccamaster coffee machines are known worldwide as the best filter coffee makers in the world. Every Moccamaster coffee machine has been handmade and individually tested in Holland for 45 years. The timeless design and the high-quality materials ensure a classic in every household or office.

Matching paper filter: Moccamaster coffee filter No. 4
Matching paper filter: Permanent Filter

When ordering, please note that delivery times for espresso machines and coffee grinders can take up to 10 days, as we do not have these goods constantly in stock.

Technical Specifications

System: Filter coffee maker with warming function, drip-stop and automatic switch-off function
Container size: 1.25 l
Brewing time: 5 to 6 min.
Brewing temperature: 92 to 96 °C
Holding temperature: 80 to 85 °C
Capacity 10 cups in 6 min.
Filter bag size: 4
Heating plate: yes
Specials: Meets all requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Center
Power: 1'520 W
Color: Brushed (silver) / Yellow Pepper / Pastel Green
Dimension W/D/H: 330 mm / 170 mm / 360 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Place of manufacture: Netherlands



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