Motta Coffee Leveling Tool (58,5 mm)

This practical tool does not replace the tamper, it is rather the preliminary stage for tamping. The height for the amount of coffee powder is adjustable.

If you want to be particularly precise with the tamping you need this practical Coffee Leveling Tool from "Motta". First, the coffee is freshly painted into your portafilter. As a next step, instead of ramping up as usual, this Coffee Leveling Tool is used. To ensure that the coffee grounds are distributed completely evenly and homogeneously in the portafilter, you turn the tool clockwise. This creates an even and straight surface for tamping. The so-called chanelling is prevented and the extraction succeeds perfectly.


  • Preparation
    espresso machine

Technical Specifications

Materials: stainless steel
Diameter: 58,5 mm
Dimensions: 25 to 28 mm height



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