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A sensible recycling of coffee grounds

Every coffee lover who drinks several cups of coffee a day and prefers to brew his favourite drink fresh knows the question: Where to put the coffee grounds? The remaining ground coffee beans are often thrown into the garbage or compost. But, the coffee grounds are a valuable residual product. Kaffeeform, a young start-up company from Berlin, has now developed a sensible solution for its reuse: the WEDUCER Cup.


The idea of making cups from coffee grounds was developed by the founder of Kaffeeform, Julian Lechner, while studying product design in Bolzano, Italy. In 2009, after countless espressos and numerous experiments, the first prototype of an espresso cup made of coffee grounds was created. After years of research, the company finally succeeded in finding the perfect blend of coffee grounds, beech wood fibres, starch, cellulose and biopolymers. The innovative material is based on renewable raw materials and is free of petroleum-based binders.

The coffee grounds used are collected by restaurateurs and cafés in Berlin, processed in a specially developed process and further processed in various production facilities in Germany.

All Kaffeeform's products are unique thanks to their characteristic random surface, which leaves a marbled and wooden impression. The WEDUCER cups have a light coffee smell, a low weight and a long shelf life. The Take-Away cup can also be washed regularly in the dishwasher and is food safe. It can also withstand many a fall on hard surfaces.

The WEDUCER Cup is the perfect mobile companion for the environmentally conscious and design-oriented coffee lover!


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