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CSC - Caffè Speciali Certificati

The Italian label to promote coffee quality

CSC - Caffè Speciali Certificati is an association, in which some selected coffee roasters have united with a common goal: The CSC members want to promote the culture of high quality coffee. They have a particularly high demand on their coffee products and want to show this with a common label.

The CSC Association has developed a strict procedure to jointly achieve a verifiable quality standard in the certified products. From the plantation to the cup, the tested quality criteria cover all phases. Thus, in addition to harvesting, the processing of green coffee, the transport, storage and the processing of roasted coffees are also monitored. The processes are ISO-certified and are independently monitored.


  • CSC stands for Caffè Speciali Certificati, an Italian roasting guild to which only very few and selected coffee producers worldwide belong
  • CSC certified coffee stands for sustainable coffee! The local producers and farmers get more money for their high quality work. In return, the consumer gets a coffee of the very best quality. By buying CSC-certified coffee, we thus jointly secure the livelihood of local coffee farmers and thus also the long-term and constant availability of first-class coffee

The CSC label attached to the packaging certifies that the coffee blend contains only certified speciality coffee that meets the high standards of the CSC members. The label is consecutively numbered and protected against counterfeiting.


At the end of 2007, Blasercafé became the first Swiss roasting company to join the Italian organisation CSC, which has the strictest quality criteria ever. Our blend Rosso & Nero proudly bears the CSC label and is characterised by a perfectly balanced taste.

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