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Marocchino Brazil

The hot recipe tip for the cold season

Michal Otte, Head barista of the Rösterei Kaffee und Bar and course instructor with us, has conjured up this recipe with a southern flair for the cold season. The Marocchino is a coffee drink with chocolate powder and milk foam and was originally created in a bar in Alessandria in Italy. It received the name Marrochino (Italian for Moroccan) from its light brown colour in the glass, which is reminiscent of a type of leather with exactly the same shade.





Run a cup of espresso Terroir Brazil Capoeirinha Estate into a glass, dust the inside of the glass with chocolate powder and then fill it up with milk foam.

The result is a wonderful Marocchino Brazil, enjoy this winter drink with southern flair. Saúde!


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