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New Packaging

In the name of sustainability

As part of our Sustainability Concept 2023, we are changing the material of our packaging. Improved barrier properties of the packaging material allow us to fully dispense with the use of aluminum in the future. For us, this is an important step towards sustainability at consistent quality.


The optimized packaging shape of our 250g bag allows us to do without the adhesive tab on the upper part of the bag. With this we can save additional packaging material and thus make a further contribution to improving our ecological footprint.

When redesigning the packaging, our aim was to blend historical brand elements with a forward-looking and modern design. The traditional
stripes in the former Blasercafé logo now adorn the background of a new and trendy packaging and thus remind of more than one hundred years of company history:


Blasercafé Energy Concept 2023

Installation of a heat recovery system

Every day, our production facility in Bern smells of deliciously freshly roasted coffee; and has done so for 100 years. During the roasting process, the roasting gas is heated with a gas flame and the odorous substances are then burned off in the catalytic converter. In the future, we will be able to reuse the remaining residual heat by means of a heat recovery system. The recovered energy will be used to heat the building and for hot water treatment.

Mounting of a photovoltaic system

In November, the starting signal is given for the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roofs of Güterstrasse 6 and 6a, where our Rösterei Kaffee und Bar operates one of a total of three locations and where our tenant "Berner Lohnbrauerei" brews its beer. The photovoltaic system can produce about 50'000 kWh of electricity/year and will probably be able to completely cover the electricity consumption of our Rösterei Kaffee und Bar during the week. Surpluses are fed back into the grid and thus help to further reduce electricity costs.



"The heat recovery system will minimize our energy consumption by about 200,000 kWh per year. This is roughly equivalent to the annual electricity requirements of forty four-person households."

Christoph Lauper
Head of Operations and Back Office, Member of the Board of Management


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